Flow & Control - 2 Day Course

Number of Riders : 5 maximum


Duration : 2 Days


Course Locations: 

Grenoside Woods (Sheffield)

Clayton Vale (Manchester)  

Lee Quarry (Lancashire)

Peak District National Park (Day 2)

Flow & Control 2 Day Course 

£150 per person for 2 days (minimum 3 people) (Accommodation not included)

Our Advanced Skills mountain bike course runs over 2 days and  will focus on improving your riding techniques enabling you to ride with more flow and confidence over technical terrain.  Whether you are a trail centre weekend warrior or a natural trail lover the same techniques carry across to both environments and make you in control of your bike and not the other way around. Day 1 is the same course as our Advanced Skills Course with an additional day with the same coach and guide from day one who will take you out on the best trails the Peak District National Park has to offer. This will enable you to implement the skills learnt from day one of the course before heading out on your local trails.

Day 1:

Bike Set Up

We will review the full set up of your bike including suspension front and rear if you have both.

Grip Points

These areareas of the trail where you can perform an action and its key to be able to spot these.


Berms and flat corners will be looked at individually with different techniques used


Braking in the right way is key as is braking in the right places on the trail

Bunny Hops

The bunnyhop is a key skill to master and will open up your riding progression


Being able to pump trail features will generate speed and control down the trail.

Line Choice

Dont be a sheep and follow the same line! We will explore line choice, the why and when.


Learn how to descend steeper terrain with flow and control and an increased confidence

Day 2:

Day 2 will set off from your start point by 10am and you will cover between 20-30 kilometres on some of the most awesome trails in the Peak District National Park. The trails we use are carefully chosen to allow you to practice the skills learnt from day one and there will be plenty of time for sessioning spots and asking questions to the coach and guide.

If you have any questions regarding the skills course or wish to make sure this course is suitable for your current riding level please contact us before booking.

All our courses are available as a 1-1 course, for details see the 1-1 Coaching page



The best day being coached in many years!! Ben took me back to the basics and built my core skills up again then taught me some new techniques to ride smoother and with more flow.....just what I needed :)

Sarah Collins - Private 1-1 course