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Our Single day MTB guided rides vary in distance but all have a technical element to them as that is the nature of the trails in the area.

Single Day Guided Rides

Whats Included:

  • Full Day Guided Ride

  • Tea, Coffee and Cake at the end of the ride

£30 per Rider for a full day guided ride


Minimum 3 people, Maximum 8 people

Whats not Included:

  • Accommodation

  • Travel Costs

  • Lunch

  • Bike Hire (We can arrange this at an extra cost)

Earning your descents can be satisfying. Pedalling to the very highest point on the ride, stopping for a moment to take in the views before the thrill of the hard earnt descent.

At WeRide our local guides have years of riding experience so they can lead you the best trails and descents in the Peak District and Lake District National Parks.

We spend many hours linking the best trails together in the areas we guide, mixing classic trails with the lesser known but great routes known only to the locals! Bringing you everything from sweeping, flowing rides to technical and challenging routes with the best descents in the area.

If you need to hire a mountain bike, we've got you covered. We have partnered with Bike Garage situated in the Hope Valley for rental e-bikes from Trek, at an additional cost. Let us know your requirements and we'll arrange the rest. 


Peak District

Name: The 4 Big Ones


Start: 9:30am

Grade:             Please read our Ride Gradings for full details

Distance: 19.7k approx

Duration: 3h to 4h depending on riding speed, mechanicals and stops

Ascent: 710m approx

Descent: 710m approx

Max Elevation: 369m Approx

Our start and end point will be Hope village in the Hope Valley. We head out up a steady climb along an old Roman road and then traverse across the top of the hill towards a classic first descent.


We cross the valley and climb the switchbacks before heading back down to the valley floor, riding the rocky corners and fast straights this trail is famous for.

Switching valley sides, we will ascend a new climb which was set up by the Peak District MTB advocacy group giving riders a quicker way up to the top. It's a short traverse to the top for the penultimate descent, known as The Beast.

With a final climb and descent remaining between us and a hot drink & cake, we will descend the old roman road back to Hope.



Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 12.52.21.png

Peak District

Name: Edale Escalator

Date: TBC

Start: 9:30am

Grade:             Please read our Ride Gradings for full details

Distance: 25k approx

Duration: 4h to 5h depending on riding speed, mechanicals and stops

Ascent: 761m approx

Descent: 761m approx

Max Elevation: 542m approx

This Peak District classic starts from the village of Edale. We will head out to or first climb up towards the famous Mam Tor hill fort and our first awesome descent of the day.


After a big climb we drop down towards Hayfield, taking a singletrack descent down to the river. With one more climb and the final descent left, we head up towards the Kinder Plateau and the famous Jacobs Ladder descent back into Edale.

Screenshot 2021-11-26 at 14.53.56.png
MTB Guiding

Peak District

Name: Hope Adventure

Date: TBC

Start: 9:30am

Grade:             Please read our Ride Gradings for full details

Distance: 35k approx

Duration: 4h to 6h depending on riding speed, mechanicals and stops

Ascent: 1,217m approx

Descent: 1,217m approx

Max Elevation: 462m approx


This ride takes in some absolute classic trails in the Dark Peak and is a big day out on the bike with 7 big descents and 7 equally big climbs!

The start and finish point is Hope village and the ride starts with a gentle warm up for the legs before we climb up to what is arguably the most iconic, historical and fun descent in the area. Once we have descended, we make our way along the Hope Valley towards Mam Tor Iron Age hillfort, climbing up to Mam Nik.

A fast descent follows the climb down to the Edale valley and then straight back up a technical climb to give us views of Hope, Castleton and Edale. We then head down a singletrack descent which leads is back to the valley floor.

A short but steep climb soon has us at a crossroads of trails. The first trail takes us up a little higher before we descend a wide and rocky trail with lots of line choice. A switchback climb leads us to the next descent which mirrors the climb with a number of rocky switchbacks.

Crossing back to the Win Hill side of the valley, we use a singletrack climb up through the woods to be confronted by The Beast! A challenging descent back down to the side of the Ladybower reservoir.


One final climb and a gentle but fast and flowing descent back to Hope village for refreshments and cake.



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