Jumps & Drop Course

Number of Riders : 5 maximum


Duration : 1 Day


Course Locations: 

Grenoside Woods (Sheffield)

Farmer Johns MTB Park (Manchester) 

Clayton Vale (Manchester)

Gnar Bike Park (Cumbria)


Jumps & Drops Course  

£60 per person, min 3 people 

Learning to do jumps and drops will mean the fun you can have out on the trail will explode making every little hump a potential jump and every mound a potential drop. On this course you will learn the correct technique to tackle drops while maintaining control and master the techniques needed for jumping meaning higher and longer jumps are possible.

Skills covered on the course include:

Bike Set Up

The ready position is the key to riding an MTB and follows through on all our courses

Rear Wheel Lift

After the front comes the back wheel which needs to be lifted over trail features too.

Body Position

The ready position is the key to riding an MTB and follows through on all our courses


Pumping is key to finding flow, speed, drops and jumps as well as all round trail riding


Braking in the right way is key as is braking in the right places on the trail


Drops are common features on trails and mastering the technique safely is key to riding

Front Wheel Lift

Using body weight and position you will learn to lift your wheel over trail features.


Jumps are fun!! Start small and build it up after mastering the technique to jump effectively.

If you have any questions regarding the skills course or wish to make sure this course is suitable for your current riding level please contact us before booking.

All our courses are available as a 1-1 course, for details see the 1-1 Coaching page



Jumps and Drops had always been a mystery to me but Ben broke down the techniques into smaller skills, combined them together and by the end of the day I was doing my first jumps!!

Claire Stevenson - Jumps & Drops Course