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Mountain Bike Advocacy

The work of mountain bike advocacy groups ensures we as mountain bikers have legal trails to ride, maintain existing trails, fight for increased access to trails and liaise with groups and land owners to ensure mountain biking has a voice that is heard and listened too.

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Peak District MTB is an advocacy group aimed at using the collective voice of the Peak District’s resident mountain bike community and seeks to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers who live and ride within the Peak District National Park. We would also love to have the support of riders from outside the Park and you can offer this through joining us as a supporter member or making a donation.

Here are some of the things we might spend your donation on:

  • Bridleway repair materials

  • Flyers, leaflets and print promoting Peak District MTB and our projects

  • Our website, hosting and email system

  • Any insurance needed for our activities

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Wooden Hut
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Representing and supporting mountain biking in Sheffield.

Ride Sheffield is a group that uses the collective might of Sheffield’s mountain bike community to improve, preserve and promote access interests for mountain bikers.

From their Be Nice Say Hi campaign, to crowd funded trails like Lady Canning’s, we aim to work alongside other groups and landowners to keep things positive for riders in the area.

We are  constitutionally-bound, with the aim of giving mountain bikers a single voice with regard to  issues relating to trail preservation and development in and around Sheffield.

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