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Demon Protection

WeRide are proud to announce that we will be using Demon United protection for 2016! We are so excited to be using this high quality protection for the work and fun we have on our bike and our snowboards, thanks Demon United!! Watch out for some mini reviews of the Demon Protection we are using this season.

If you don't know Demon United then visit either:

And have a read below:

From the mountains in Salt Lake City Utah, Demon was founded in 1999. Starting with a single product and a vision to create the greatest protective gear and accessory company, two brothers set off on a journey of design and testing.

10 years later we find ourselves still based out of Salt Lake City, our product range has grown to 150 products and the brand of Demon can be found in any country where the snow falls. We are devoted to the action sports athletes worldwide and strive to create the best value X sports protective gear and accessories available.


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