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Ride inside? We think so......

It’s been a long time coming, it has taken 4 years of research and development, and it’s what the UK bike scene surely needs…….

Dirt Factory will be the first indoor mountain bike and BMX park in the UK. Somewhere you can ride whatever the weather, to hone your skills or jump on a bike for the first time, this place will have it all. From retail and office space, for a drink and a bite to eat, to trying out new bikes, coaching, events and competitions. The trails in the indoor bike park offer something for everyone and WeRide are excited to be a partner with this UK first! The guys at Dirt Factory have a passion and ethos like our own. We’re a community, a group of individuals that share a love of all things two wheeled just like all the partners involved.

Dirt Factory can’t replicate the outdoor experience but this will make mountain biking and BMX more accessible by bringing the dirt trails to Manchester. It gives riders the chance jump on a bike when the weather is bad, day or night, through the darker evenings or when you don’t fancy that long drive to a trail centre. You can learn and progress your skills using, flowing indoor bike trails, skills zones, jumps and foam pits. And because it is real dirt, it will be open to change and adaptations, keeping the trails fresh and exciting.

Indoor MTB centres have proved popular overseas, so it's time to bring one to the UK!

Who are the team behind this concept?

Dirt Factory is mad up of a team of six - Daniel, Mark, Andy, Ian, Gary and Steve. All of whom have the expertise to bring this project together. From building construction, trail build experts, marketing and communications, MBLA cycle leaders and coaches. It’s a great team.

So where, how and when is this going to happen?

The plan is to open Dirt Factory at a suitable venue in Greater Manchester, this has been whittled down to 3 final venues. Dirt Factory directors are supporting this with their own funds and are currently well on the way to raising the extra finance required. But in order to reach the total start-up figure, public support is needed.

A crowdfund event took place on Sunday 31st January in Manchester which was a huge success. It marked the start of the 30 day crowdfund campaign to reach the target of £300,000. Yeah it sounds a lot but if 3000 people could support with £100 each then the build can start straight away! However if £100 is a little over budget the minimum pledge starts at £10. £10 for a share in history! Happy days.

The build is anticipated to take 6 months to completion, taking us to autumn 2016.

Bored with the norm?

Dirt Factory and WeRide are going to be putting together some very special holiday packages indeed for their members.

So what are you waiting for? Go and have a look and find out for yourself. You never know, you might want to support them and be part of history. Making the UK’s first indoor MTB bike park a reality.


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