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MTB Coaching at GNAR Bike Park

Gnar Bike Park in Cumbria sits on the edge of some of the best natural riding in the UK.

I have often heard riders asking why there isn't a bike park in the Lake District. Well with it being such a beautiful place and very popular with many different types of users it was never likely to happen in my opinion.

Then Ben had a dream of running a bike park and so appeared Gnar Bike Park on the edge of the National Park fulfilling a need that riders have asked for, for so long. Having ridden the bike park it has such potential and the ethos is about sessioning and practicing to fine tune your riding skills and not just about being the KOM or QOM on Strava........although thats fun too.

Having chatted with Ben on my visits to the bike park his whole way of thinking was inline with us here at WeRide, wanting to give back to a sport that has given him pleasure, seeing new riders progress and us older riders keep riding and smiling.

WeRide are lucky enough to be able to now offer coaching courses at Gnar Bike Park in 2017 thanks to Ben's dedication to make the park come to life. I personally cannot wait to see what the bike park develops into in the years to come.

Details of the coaching course at Gnar Bike Park can be found here or if you would like a private session for yourself or friends please get in touch with WeRide by email or call us for a chat on 07540 524 125

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