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WeRide at Tweedlove - The Triple Crown!

WeRide will be at all three rounds of Tweedlove in 2017 so keep an eye out for the van and riders in our shirts and come say hello.

The first round is at the end of March, Tweed Valley in Scotland so who knows what the weather may sunshine.......who knows!! But what is guaranteed is a whole lot of great riding, laughs and some racing thrown in too.

Round two is in June at Peebles, Scotland. So we are guaranteed sunshine right? Could be some midges too! Peebles is such an iconic area for mountain bikers both new to the sport and for us old hands who have been around since places like Glentress, which started many years ago. What a better place to have an International Enduro race!

The third and final round is the Scottish Open Champs again in the Tweed Valley, in August. I am expecting some tight racing and with it being the final round of three, some friendships my be put under strain as we race each other for the Triple Crown 2017........mates races are always the most fun.

We'll see you at one of the rounds if your coming. If you're racing give us a shout if you want to come past and if your spectating then cheers us all on. We will be writing a blog on each round so you can keep up with what WeRide are doing in 2017.

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