What it's Like to Plan a Year of Adventures and Coaching

There is this perception that running a mountain biking and coaching company means you are always out on your bike riding awesome trails in some location with amazing people. Certainly the amazing people part is true and when you are guiding the riding is amazing on the best trails an area has to offer and similarly with coaching, when you see riders progress throughout the course and leave at the end of the day with new skills it is just the best feeling which can’t be beaten.

In order to have these special days there is an awful lot of hard work that happens to deliver our guests the perfect experience.

To deliver a year of guided adventures takes many hours of studying maps, reviewing digital imagery and of course riding the new routes. You can look at as many maps and pictures as you like but until my tyres touches the dirt and I can experience the route I won’t know if it delivers what is needed.

Many miles are ridden in the UK winters often in fairly bad weather to ensure the routes we choose are the ones we would love to ride if we were on a mountain biking holiday. But don't get me wrong I am not moaning here, I am simply saying that it’s not always like people imagine - dusty trails, sunshine, smiles and beer!!

When I have ridden a trail for the first time and I have a smile like a Cheshire Cat across my face then I know right there that it will form part of an epic day or weekend on the bike for someone. To hear the excited voices, see the smiles and the high fives after a long day on the trails means I have done a good job and nailed it.

It’s the same when I am coaching. You spend time planning the session, looking at and test riding the area to make sure it is suitable for what the course needs to deliver. I feel that any coaching not only needs to teach riders something, whether that is a new technique or to give them confidence but it has to be fun! After all we all love to ride our bikes at the end of