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Gemini Titan Lights

Having done my fair share of night rides and used many different lights from various manufacturers, I can honestly say that my first impressions of the Gemini Titan is that I was simply blown away!

I hadn't even turned the lights on at this point but in the pictures online the lights look a lot bigger and bulkier than they are in real life.

The light is super low profile and sits dead centre in the middle of your bars, meaning the light is distributed evenly in front of you when riding. The battery pack (which is a separate unit) comes in two variants - 6 cell and 8 cell with the larger giving a slightly longer run time of 2hrs 40min on full power.

Talking of power, the 4000 lumens blasted out by the 6 led lights takes you from night time to day time at the flick of a switch, and with 2 lower power modes available you can easily get a 3-4 hr night ride in without using the lowest power setting.

On all the other lights I have used in the past you have to scroll through the different settings using the button on the rear of the lights. This means taking a hand off the grips. And that is fine, if you are sat at the top of the descent! But on the move, in the dark can make for some interesting riding. The Gemini Titan comes with a very small wireless remote control which you can strap close to your grips allowing you to effortlessly switch modes while you are riding, still in full control.

Time will tell how well made the lights are, but first impressions are they are sturdy and with the low profile being secured by rubber rings, there is far less to break should you take a tumble in the middle of the night ride.

Set up of this lights takes minutes and there is no pairing of the wireless remote out of the box - it just works. Which was a breath of fresh air with this world of technology we live in.

Once I have had a few good rides in some awful UK weather I will post an update on the lights but for now they are my new favourite toy!

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