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Rev those Grips

I had been looking at the Revgrips for quite a while and wondering if they actually work and are worth the initial

expenditure ............well I think they are and here's why.

Each part of the grip - the sleeve, collars and the suspension parts are all available to purchase separately, so when your grips (sleeves) need changing, it just those you buy at a similar price to most grips on the market.

But that's not a reason to buy these if I am honest. We all pay a lot of money for our bikes, suspension forks and shocks aren't cheap to buy or replace and these are a performance product so they have a cost but also a huge advantage, for me anyway.

I have always ridden with the thickest grips I could manage, not because I have large hands but because of the forgiving feeling you get from that thicker grip. Some people love thin grips, it gives them great "feel" and I totally understand that but the cushioning was more important to me than feel.

Bring on the first ride on the Revgrips and straight away I noticed they felt thin and firm like you would expect from a regular thin grip. You don't notice the cushioning effect of the grips until you get on some rough stuff and immediately you can feel less of the small bump chatter hitting your hands.

I expected the grips to rotate more than they do, not that I wanted that to happen I just imagined they would. So climbing, jumping and doing your normal riding the grips don't feel any different, what does feel different is your hands and forearms are less fatigued.

So I seem to have found my perfect set of grips, they give you the feel of a thin grip and the comfort of a fat grip. They come in many colour combos so you can match your bike and kit or clash it! Whichever is your style they do the job they were designed to do.

I should point out that I have paid hard earned money for these grips, I took the gamble and its paid off and I will be fitting them to my other bikes as the existing grips wear out.

To learn more about these grips visit the sites below:

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