Skills coaching is not just for those riders new to mountain biking, we all fall into bad habits and plateu in our riding, often wondering why we don't seem to progress.

Our courses at WeRide are delivered by fully qualified MTB Coaches who have specialised in mountain biking as a discipline. They also have years of riding and racing experience, to pass on those key tips that only experience can teach you.

We offer group coaching for 2 - 5 people as well as 1-1 coaching sessions. Women's only coaching is available for any of our courses, just let us know when you book a skills course.

All our coaching courses are delivered at specially selected locations across the North West of England to allow us to deliver the most comprehensive skills tuition we can. Our locations include but not limited to: 

If you would like to book a 1-1 course please email info@weride.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements as each 1-1 course is tailored to the individual.  The costs for a 1-1 course is £120 per day for 1 person or £240 for 1 person on our 2 day courses.

Our Commitment

WeRide are committed to providing the highest quality guided rides and skills coaching for mountain bikers across the UK.


Our aim is to deliver sessions with minimal environmental impact and by dedicating time to the venues we utilise to improve the condition of the sites by removing litter, repairing trails and educating riders.

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