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Steep &

Number of Riders : 6 maximum


Duration : 6hrs inc lunch break

Cost: £90 per rider

2023 Dates:

23rd April - Farmer Johns MTB Park

TBC - Grenoside Woods

Steep and Technical Course

Learning to ride steep and technical terrain requires a different set of riding skills to ride confidently and in control, compared to the bike park or trail riding many riders do day in day out. Body position, braking, line choice are just some of the aspects we cover of the course to make you a more rounded rider.  Some skills are immediately transferable from the trail others will need to be adapted or learnt from scratch.

Skills covered on the course include:

Bike Set Up

We will review the full set up of your bike including suspension front and rear if you have both.

Grip Points

These areas of the trail where you can perform an action and its key to be able to spot these.


Berms and flat corners will be looked at individually with different techniques used.


Braking in the right way is paramount, as is braking in the right places on the trail.

Wheel Position

Placing the front wheel in the correct spot on the trail is crucial on steep terrain.

Rear Steer

 Using the rear wheel to steer the bike on tight and technical terrain helps with corners.

Line Choice

Don't be a sheep and follow the same line! We will explore line choice, the why and when.


Learn how to descend steeper terrain with flow & control and increased confidence.

If you have any questions regarding the skills course or wish to make sure this course is suitable for your current riding level, please contact us before booking. We welcome single rider bookings, however all of our group courses need a minimum of 3 riders to go ahead. Should the minimum rider number not be reached, we will be in touch to discuss options.

All our courses are available as a 1-1 course, for details see the 1-1 Coaching page



After my core skills course I felt more in control of the bike rther than the bike in control of my riding. In the weeks after the course I have loved the way my riding has changed for the better.

Daniel Robinson - Core Skills Course

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