Core Skills - 1 Day Course 

Number of Riders : 5 maximum


Duration : 1 Day


Course Locations: 

Grenoside Woods (Sheffield)

Clayton Vale (Manchester)   

Lee Quarry (Lancashire)

Core Skills Course

£60 per person min 3 people 

Core skills are the fundamentals of mountain biking and will ensure you have a most basic skills mastered enabling you to progress and enjoy your future riding. The core skills course will build your confidence on your bike as well as honing your skills  as you progress with what trails and technical features you ride. Each of the core skills listed below will be covered during the day and will form the basis of your mountain bike knowledge as you and your riding progresses.

Skills covered on the course include:

Bike Set Up

We will review the full set up of your bike including suspension front and rear if you have both. 

Rear Wheel Lift

After the front comes the back wheel which needs to be lifted over trail features too.

Bike Movement

Allowing the bike to move underneath you is key to mastering core skills.


Braking in the right way is key as is braking in the right places on the trail

Body Position

The ready position is the key to riding an MTB and follows through on all our courses


Applying simple techniques to climbing will give you more control.

Front Wheel Lift

Using body weight and position you will learn to lift your wheel over trail features.


Body and head position are key to descending as well as foot position which will be covered.

If you have any questions regarding the skills course or wish to make sure this course is suitable for your current riding level please contact us before booking.

All our courses are available as a 1-1 course, for details see the 1-1 Coaching page



After my core skills course I felt more in control of the bike rther than the bike in control of my riding. In the weeks after the course I have loved the way my riding has changed for the better.

Daniel Robinson - Core Skills Course