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Your journey to being a confident and skilled Enduro rider starts here!

5 sessions coached by a professional MTB Skills Coach who has raced DH & Enduro for over 16 years

The Road to Enduro 2023

£325 per person for 5 full day sessions

Minimum 3 people, Maximum 8 people

The Road to Enduro course has one purpose - to make you a more confident and skilled rider in various types of terrain.

You may be thinking of entering your first Enduro with your friends, you might have already ridden a couple of Enduros and loved it or you may be a keen racer.  This course is designed for all riders, male and female, young and old, who are looking to improve their riding techniques and get on The Road to Enduro.  


The sessions start by looking at the fundamentals of riding, ensuring you have the basics embedded and are using them on every ride. Right through to more advanced techniques to ride steeper terrain with control, confidence and flow.

Session 1-4 is carefully designed to build on to the next session with new skills and techniques to take away and practice, giving you time to progress as a rider. Session 5 is a 20 - 30 kilometre ride with the coach you have been working with throughout the course to put into practice your new skills out on the types of terrain you would find at any Enduro race.

Your Coach and Guide

Your coach and guide for all 5 sessions will be Ben.

"I have been riding and racing mountain bikes for over 30 years. As a professional skills coach and guide I bring a wealth of racing and riding experience to all the skills courses I run and guided rides I lead"

Ben will be with you from day 1, getting to know your individual riding style, your strong points and the areas to improve over the weeks ahead.

"I believe that individual and group feedback is so important to learning new riding skills as well as the techniques being demonstrated by the coach"

The Coaching Sessions

The first day the coach will start by gaining an understanding of your current riding style and techniques. We will be focused on getting the basics right, from there we have a solid foundation to build more advanced riding techniques. 

We will cover techniques such as: body position, body movement, bike movement, foot placement, braking, bike setup, corners, pumping, bunny hops and overall control.


It's important to be able to read the trail, generate speed and link features together while riding fast and in control for Enduro.  

We will cover techniques such as: pumping, flat corners, point of commitment, body positions, braking, bike setup, finding flow, line choice, drops, jumps and how to carry speed .


Riding more technical terrain such as roots and rocks can often mean that flow is harder to find, and as such, momentum is hard to achieve and sustain down the trail. 

We will cover techniques such as: body position, bike movement, line choice in technical terrain, braking in technical terrain, corners, pumping and grip points.


Many Enduro's will have steep sections of trail and some of these can be long and technical. In order to ride steeper trails we need to alter they way we ride and approach these with some specific techniques used to maintain grip, speed and control.

We will cover techniques such as: body position on steep terrain, body movement, bike movement, braking on steep terrain, bike setup, corners, pumping, using grip points and slow speed riding.


The final session is where we go out and put what we have learnt into practice on carefully chosen trails to give you a true feeling of Enduro.  A full day out in the hills fine tuning what you have been taught, looking at specific trail features, chance to session with other riders and your coach and guide for the day.

It's then time to pick your of luck and see you at the races!!


Course Booking

The Road to Enduro is a 5 session course run every two weeks, with a minimum group size of 3 people and a maximum of 6 people.


Session 1 - TBC

Session 2 - TBC

Session 3 - TBC

Session 4  - TBC

Session 5  - TBC


  • Grenoside Woods, nr Sheffield.

  • Farmer Johns MTB Park, Marple

  • Peak District National Park

We can run the course on other dates for private group bookings. Please contact us to enquire about private sessions & prices.

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