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Ride inside…. is coming!

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Dirt Factory’s vision of bringing the outdoor trails inside to Manchester. A UK first MTB and BMX indoor bike park, with just over a kilometre of flowing indoor bike trails, skills zones, jumps and foam pits!

A successful crowdfund event launched on the 31st January saw the start of the funding journey, by day 16 the target of 300k was smashed! The funding continues to grow and currently sits at 112% today and with an over achievement target set at 450k will see them be able to grow Dirt Factory Manchester at a much quicker rate and create an even better riding experience from the outset.

​It’s huge news for the UK bike scene and we believe a much needed facility that doesn’t replicate the outdoors but complements mountain biking and BMX riding.

It gives riders the chance jump on a bike when the weather is bad, day or night, through the darker evenings or when you don’t fancy that long drive to a trail centre. Gives schools the opportunity to offer kids an alternative sporting activity, everyone and anyone can learn and progress their skills here. And because it is real dirt, it will be open to change and adaptations, keeping the trails fresh and exciting!

Let the build commence!

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